The earth gives us everything. We appreciate looking after her.

Strong commitment to the land and the quality of food we harvest. We work the land and we life from it. We are responsible to care for the resources it offers in a sustainable way.

We also strongly believe that healthy food can be harvested without genetic interventions or the use of harmful chemical products which damage the environment.

For these reasons, we have committed ourselves to the principles of organic farming since our beginnings.

We promote organic farming, because we are convinced that this is the only way to contribute to a healthy and safe diet.

We have developed an organic method of argriculture, using intensive farming with many manual tasks. We reuse and manage our materials efficiently to improve enviromental quality and preserve natural resources.

We recycle organic matter to enrich the soil. Amongst the materials we recycle in this manner are pomace, branches and Wood from olive trees, as well as cut leafs. All this results soil Rich in nutrients, ideal for the production of high-quality food.

We use seeds from our own production, free from genetic modification. Our records ensure a perfect traceability of our production.

It is good for us, it is good for all. Today and tomorrow.